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Plastic Surgery Kansas City, KS

Doctor Jon E. Rast, a board certified plastic surgeon, of Associated Plastic Surgeons, is dedicated to providing safe procedures with beautiful results. With over fourteen years of experience and knowledge, Dr. Rast is among the industry leaders in Kansas City, and a 5-star rated plastic surgeon on Real Self.

Dr. Rast specializes in Breast Augmentation surgery! He works to create improved body contours and beautiful, natural-looking results for all women using breast implants. If you’re considering getting breast implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rast.

Learn more about Dr. Rast and review his plastic surgery education and training to find out what sets him apart from other plastic surgeons in the area. Dr. Rast enjoys the challenge of seeing uniqueness in each circumstance. He observes and listens to each patient for his or her particular objectives and then applies his training and experience to produce a recommendation.

His patients consider his compassionate, caring personality to be a wonderful complement to his surgical skills. “Each patient is unique,” he says. “I appreciate the various characteristics and qualities of every individual.

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