Causes of Breast Implant Malposition

What Can Cause Breast Implant Malposition?

Breast Implant Malposition

Do you worry about breast implant malposition? Breast implants can be a life changing operation for many women that wanted larger, more supple, breasts. Through the surgery, the woman is able to achieve the desirable look she’s after. However, there are some potential problems that can arise during or after the surgery that the woman should be counseled about. Breast implant malposition can happen.

What is Breast Implant Malposition?

Breast implant malposition happens when the implants move out of place. This generally occurs over time, and due to where the implants were placed in the beginning, it can happen sooner or later depending on their position. When they are not placed in the most ideal position, it can cause the implant to be too high, too low, too close together or far apart or even have them flip in position; causing the breast to look abnormal.

Treatment for Breast Implant Malposition

Breast implant malposition can be fixed through a variety of means, depending on the unique situation that you’re experiencing. Both surgical, and non-surgical options are available. Sometimes it is as easy as taping under or above the breasts, wearing a supportive underwire bra or avoiding breast compression by not sleeping on the belly or other means.

Other times, surgical intervening may be required. This is to remove the old implant, and reposition it while the patient is asleep. This can be done through the same procedure that was underwent to have the implants put in. It is a relatively quick and easy procedure and a lift may be done during the same time.

Remember, it is always important to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the options that you may have. Whether it is a more intense area that needs to be addressed, or something that can quickly be adjusted. The doctor is able to provide additional guidance to those that might be dealing with breast implant malposition.

Facts About Insurance and Breast Reduction Surgery

Will Insurance Cover Breast Reduction Surgery?

breast reduction

If you find yourself in a situation where breast reduction surgery is the option that you are going to choose – there are always questions surrounding if the breast reduction surgery will be covered by health insurance or not. Every insurance company is different in what they cover as are the coverage plans. Most of the time though, if the surgery is a cosmetic procedure – it will not be covered, but if it is being conducted for relief from medical issues it will.

Issues That May Be Covered

The common issues that are typically covered by insurance companies are for those individuals who have large and/or heavy breasts that have begun causing persistent back and neck pain. Additionally, for those who may be experience skin rashes and irritations due to the breasts and friction caused by the skin to skin contact underneath he breasts. People may not be receiving the proper support either from bras, which may leave indentations on the shoulders or constant strain.

There are sometimes special cases and again this will depend on your doctors, and insurance coverage. Some individuals may no longer be able to participate in sports or strenuous activity due to the size of their breasts which may be reason enough to undergo breast reduction surgery and have it covered. There are also times where this can negatively affect someone’s psyche which raises concern for the individual’s self-esteem and mental stability which may be grounds to cover breast reduction surgery as well.

If you find that you may need to undergo breast reduction surgery and think that it may be something that is covered by your insurance, the best thing to do is speak to your physician and go from there. If you find yourself wanting to undergo surgery but didn’t think you couldn’t afford it – speak with your doctor and see what options are available to you.


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