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Is a Tummy Tuck Right for Me? | Kansas City, KS

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If you’ve had children, or recently lost weight, you may notice a sagging in the tummy region. Or, you may wish to remove excess abdominal fat that is resistant to your efforts at dieting and exercise Omar Omar. With today’s cosmetic procedures, you have options for any challenge you may be facing. We can help you […]

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Facial Cosmetic Surgery Options | Kansas City, KS


When it comes to facial cosmetic surgery, there are as many options as there are problems to be corrected and facial features to be enhanced. Here is a list of some of the most common procedures and what can be corrected 라이브 스코어 라이브 스코어. Blepharoplasty As we age, the eyelids can sag, a condition which may […]

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Breast Lift vs. Augmentation | How to choose

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There are a number of corrective options available to women who aren’t happy with the size or shape of their breasts. A breast lift repositions the nipple and corrects sagging that might be a result of aging or childbearing Advisory Letter form Advisory Letter form. An implant increases the size of the breast and changes it to a […]

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Male Breast Reduction | Kansas City, Kansas


Male breast reduction, also known as gynecomastia surgery, reduces the profile of male breasts, and returns the chest to a more pleasing contour 웹에서 비디오 웹에서 비디오. In severe cases, gynecomastia may cause sagging and even stretching of the areola. The areola can be repositioned, and excess skin removed, during corrective surgery 폴라익스프레스 폴라익스프레스. Most men report a […]

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What Are The Different Types of Breast Implants? | Kansas City, Kansas

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One of the considerations when planning breast augmentation surgery is which type of implant will best suit your goals and lifestyle. Your surgeon can advise you on which type of implant is best for your situation, but it’s important to go into the conversation knowing what your options are Download Fort Knight Download Fort Knight. Saline Breast Implants […]

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Breast Augmentation Preparation | Kansas City, Kansas

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Once you’ve decided to have a breast augmentation, whether it’s for reconstruction after a surgery, to reverse the effects of pregnancy or aging, or simply to even out and improve what nature has given you, it’s important to be prepared for the surgery Chanton ringtones Chanton ringtones. A full recovery is dependent upon good preparation beforehand, so […]

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Breast Augmentation Recovery | Kansas City, Kansas

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Women seek out breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. Reconstruction after a mastectomy, or rejuvenating breasts that have begun to sag due to aging, or recovering the fullness after childbirth, are some commonly cited reasons Download the Installation Factory Download the Installation Factory. Whatever your reason for having reconstructive or breast augmentation surgery, there are some important considerations […]

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Kansas City Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Rast


Choosing the right Kansas City plastic surgeon to handle your cosmetic procedure can be challenging 야후 위젯. It’s important to connect with a surgeon who has extensive skill in the procedure you’re considering, has an excellent bedside manner, and most importantly respects you 시오니 야후 위젯. Dr. Rast meets all of these check points and should be […]

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Breast Augmentation – Kansas City, Kansas

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There are important factors to consider when deciding upon a breast augmentation surgery, also known as an augmentation mammoplasty. Your health, reasons for desiring an augmentation, and lifestyle are all factors in deciding whether a “boob job” is right for you fluid sim 다운로드 fluid sim 다운로드. Never allow another person to talk you into having life altering […]

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Breast Augmentation Recovery Time

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The breast augmentation recovery time will vary for each patient and depends upon several factors. Whether the implant is placed sub glandular- above the underlying chest muscles, or sub muscular- behind the pectoral muscle, will greatly affect the recovery time 혼술남녀 16회 혼술남녀 16회. The Day of Surgery On the day of your surgery, be sure to arrive early and […]

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