Breast Implant Placement

In a breast augmentation procedure, implants are placed either under the pectoralis muscle (sub-muscular) or on top of the pectoralis muscle and under the breast glands (sub-glandular) android notification. There are advantages to each type of breast implant placement and depending on your goals and body type, Dr. Rast may recommend one or the other for you 신서유기 5 4화. Learn more about the most common pros and cons of each type of surgical placement!

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Sub-Muscular Breast Implant Placement


  • Surgery and recovery may be longer
  • recovery may be more painful
  • Re-operation is more difficult


  • Less Visible Implants
  • Implants Less Palpable
  • Mammogram imaging easier
  • Preferable for women with thin breast tissue

Sub-Glandular Breast Implant Placement


  • Shorter Surgery
  • Shorter Recovery
  • Easier Re-Operation


  • More Visible/Palpable Implants
  • More Difficult Imaging During Mammogram
  • Not Recommended For Women With Thin Breast Tissue

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