Breast Reconstruction Using Breast Implants

Breast reconstruction after breast cancer is an overwhelming and scary process. You’ve gone through enough with a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment Uniqlo. If you undergo a mastectomy, a breast reconstruction will rebuild your breast and a natural shape.

Mastectomy – a surgical operation to remove a breast

There are many options and multiple types of breast reconstruction album cover. The two main options on how to actually reconstruct the breast is with breast implants or natural tissue. Natural tissue uses fat and tissue from other parts of the body to rebuild the breast mound Download Insa Music. Breast implant reconstruction uses a silicone or saline implant to reconstruct the breast mound.

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Breast Implant Reconstruction Options

Breast implant reconstruction is recommended for women who have very little tissue left after a mastectomy and/or radiation therapy altulba YouTube videos. Depending on the treatment schedule, patients can also choose to have an immediate or delayed reconstruction. If there is no chemotherapy and radiation after the mastectomy, Dr Download Python Excel. Rast can immediately place the implant(s) directly after the mastectomy. If a patient needs to have further cancer treatments, it is best to wait until after the therapy is complete, so that the radiation does not affect the breast implants calm sound effects. Breast implants can be saline or silicone.

Learn More About Your Options In Kansas City

It is Dr. Rast’s goal to restore a natural look and promote your breast redefinition, without cancer at the center of your view of yourself Download Shima Venue. Appearance isn’t everything, but restoring a sense of normalcy with reconstructive surgery helps our Kansas City patients take a big and important step on the road to recovery 신과 함께.

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