Breastfeeding after Breast Augmentation – Charleston, SC

One of the most common questions women ask when seeking breast augmentation is “Is breastfeeding safe to do after the procedure?” The answer, while it varies from patient to patient, is nearly always “yes.”

Whether or not you’ll be breastfeeding after your augmentation depends on several factors, some related to the surgery and some not mp3 다운로드. Most women’s breasts, post-surgery, will function in the same way as they would have without the surgery.

If you opted for surgery to correct underdeveloped breasts, it’s possible that you lack the glandular tissue necessary to produce enough milk 낙서군 다운로드. Breastfeeding may still be possible, but supplementation may be necessary. Your surgeon may be able to give you some insight on the structure of your breasts, and a lactation consultant can help you achieve your best chance at successful breastfeeding Download SuperPower.

Breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation

There are several approaches to insertion of implants qmake 다운로드. The incision may have been made under your breast, under your armpit, or more rarely, below the areola. With the first two, there should be no problem with breastfeeding 드라이버 스윙. If the incision was made below the areola, sometimes referred to as a “smiling” incision, it’s possible that there was nerve damage to the area that will interfere with nursing Civil War game. If you’ve retained feeling in the nipples, the chances are good that your nerves are intact. If your surgery was in the past year or two and feeling hasn’t returned yet, don’t worry download tmax os. Your chances of successful nursing are still good.

Implants that are placed behind the chest muscles provide the least interference with nursing Download windows 10 images. Be sure to talk to your surgeon about your future plans when scheduling your surgery, and with your obstetrician when planning your post-birth experience 7공주 다운로드. Your medical support team is there to help you successfully feed your baby, whether or not you’ve opted for augmentation.

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