Common Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation and Lift

Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation and Lift


Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation and Lift - Kansas City MOThere are so many Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation and Lift in Kansas City, and if you search the web you’ll find a plethora of misinformation about the procedure Download Windows 7 Ultimate. Being a plastic surgeon in Kansas City, Dr. Rast has chosen to clear the air and provide the most accurate information on the breast augmentations and lift process Download Pulse Secure. Here is a list of misconceptions that should be clarified:


Misconception # 1: Breast augmentation is only for women who want bigger breasts Download for Hancom Office 2018 Educational Institutions. This misconception is far from the truth. Most women who come into our Kansas City plastic surgery office are just looking to feel better about their body, and how they fill out the upper part of their body pentatonix 다운로드. They are looking to appear more proportional, and not necessarily looking for oversized breasts.


Misconception # 2: Breast augmentation is painful 전화기 사진. While pain and recovery time varies per person, what you will mostly feel during recovery is discomfort which is to be expected with any type of major surgery Download Tong Season 1. Breast augmentation pain typically happens more with women who exert themselves more than they are supposed to after surgery.


Misconception # 3: People will notice that you’ve had a breast augmentation and it will look fake b tv 동영상 다운로드. This is every woman’s fear in Kansas City who are considering breast augmentation. Dr. Rast is a renowned plastic surgeon who makes sure his patient’s procedures improve their appearance with natural looking breasts 네이버 주소록 앱 다운로드. Additionally, during your consultation we will make sure to select a realistic size that will fit your proportions.


Misconception # 4: Having a breast augmentation and lift means you only need one surgery Assassin's Creed Odyssey. When you combine two different procedures; one to make your breast bigger and the other that makes your breast smaller, it is difficult to get optimum results in one surgery 클릭시 파일. Depending on the goals you set for yourself and your degree of ptosis (breast sagging), we may decide that it is safer to plan separate procedures that will allow your body to recover in between surgeries.


Misconception # 5: Only one incision is needed near the areola/nipple, so you won’t have scars on your breast. Generally, plastic surgery is a tradeoff of surgery versus scars. Every patient’s breasts are different and need different incisions to obtain excellent results. Breasts that have more ptosis (breast sagging) may need more incisions to get a proper lift and shape to the breast.


If you live in Kansas City and want to learn more about the truth on breast augmentation and lift, contact our office today. Dr. Rast will provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision on plastic surgery.