Benefits of Hair Restoration

Benefits of Hair Restoration

When seeking out hair restoration, Kansas City residents have a number of options sybase iq client 다운로드. Few offer more hope, however, than Neograft hair transplant. This technology relies upon the existing hair from a “donor site”, like the back of the head, for fresh follicles to graft into the scalp for a new crop of naturally growing hair 효리네 민박.

Hair Restoration Kansas City

Hair restoration is more than a merely cosmetic procedure 텍스트 음성. The confidence gained and more

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Hair Restoration

youthful, virile appearance associated with a full head of hair can influence one’s life in unexpected ways 크아m. The impact of your appearance can affect your career as well as your personal life. An investment in Neograft hair transplant therapy is an investment in one’s self Download The Oriental Emergency Cloth.

Hair Replacement Kansas City

When you seek out hair replacement therapies, there are several options to consider 거지 키우기 다운로드. Neograft is one of a number of processes known as follicular unit extraction. In short, it involves removing hair follicles from a donor site- usually on the back of the head, and transplanting those follicles to the area needing restoration 판소리 심청가. The thicker and more abundant the hair at the donor site, the fuller and thicker the resulting graft will be.


Neograft is a unique technology used in follicular unit extraction procedures album art. Unlike a “strip excision procedure,” it is relatively non-invasive and carries a much lower risk of infection and transplant failure. The procedure involves removing individual hair follicles and transplanting them to the recipient site 포켓몬스터 골드. The therapy requires less recovery time, takes less time to heal, and produces an area of thicker, fuller, naturally-growing hair.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant therapy is a fast-growing solution for hair loss 하스스톤 100만. If you’re suffering from a loss of confidence, and feel that you would benefit from hair restoration, contact us to schedule a consultation and to learn more about Neograft and other restoration therapies. There’s no need to live with thinning and receding hair. Explore your options with Dr. Rast today.