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IDEAL IMPLANT Plastic Surgery in Kansas City


IDEAL IMPLANT Just like men and women,not all breast implants are created equal. Knowing what you want your implants to look like is one thing, but finding a renowned plastic surgeon in Kansas, who can construct them, is an entirely different animal. Your breast implants should provide a natural look that helps you feel beautiful, confident, and most of all, give you peace of mind. Dr. Rast specializes in Breast Augmentation and in mastering the IDEAL IMPLANT surgical process.


Here is Everything You Need to Know About the IDEAL IMPLANT


It took many years of testing and research to produce an innovative design that contained a series of implant shells that nest together with two separate chambers that hold the saline filler. The structure inside of the implant controls the saline movement and is designed to eliminate wrinkling and folding. Implant deflation and rupture are thought to be caused by the volume of wrinkling and folding of the implant, and no one wants an implant that may possibly combust over time. The outside layers of the IDEAL IMPLANT are lower than standard implants to provide better contouring to your chest wall.




The IDEAL IMPLANT is constructed with proven safe material and a safety-conscious manufacturing process. There is no silicone gel or new materials added to this implant brand. You will feel natural because of the unique design that contains an internal structure. Since the design is patented, other breast implant companies are prohibited from manufacturing and selling IDEAL IMPLANT.




In 2014, the FDA and Health Canada approved the IDEAL IMPLANT because of the results that were seen from a multi-centers clinical trial in the United States that began in 2009 with 502 women. The implants are manufactured in the U.S. at a facility that is monitored by the FDA and that has been making silicone medical devices for over 30 years. The quality of IDEAL IMPLANT is incomparable and backed by warranty so that you are confident in choosing this implant for your new look.


Entrust your decision to get the IDEAL IMPLANT in Kansas to a plastic surgeon who is experienced and who you can trust.Call us today to schedule a consultation.


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