Symptoms of Overly Large Breasts

Are Your  Large Breasts a Source of Trouble

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Oftentimes you will hear about those people who are interested in enlarging their breasts because they are not happy with the size but many times you do not hear about the other end of the spectrum. There are people that have overly large breasts and with that, comes baggage – which could be bad and good. Overly large breasts can lead to more serious health concerns though which will be discussed briefly.

Different Areas Affect by Large Breasts

Skin Irritation/rashes may occur when people have overly large breasts because of sweat and excessive rubbing of the skin on skin contact. Back, neck and muscle pain can be caused as well as numbness in fingers. Shortness of breath is often an issue and it may be difficult for a person to partake in physical activities due to their large breast size. It could become painful and just unenjoyable which people tend to try to avoid. Additionally, shoulder grooves can occur when a bra is not properly supporting the breasts. The larger one’s breasts are, the heavier they will be which puts a lot of extra strain on the upper part of the body.

Speak with Your Physician About Reduction Options

If you know anyone with overly large breasts or you have them yourself, you will know exactly all of the pain, pressure, and feelings associated first hand. It might be time to consider a breast reduction procedure.  It can be embarrassing to some because of the attention from others or the breasts can just start to hinder their quality of life. There is no valid reasoning to have to be unhappy or unable to partake in activities that you enjoy doing because of breast size. There are many options to help minimize pain and pressure that the overly large breasts are causing and this is something that should be discussed with your plastic surgeon or  physician.



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