What Actually Happens During Breast Surgery?

During a breast augmentation surgery procedure, Dr. Rast will make small incisions in the chest region and insert a breast implant into the tissue Download the product introduction. Several decisions will need to be made before surgery that will guide your specific procedure. Watch this brief overview from plasticsurgery.org to see more surgery specifics Cubrid.


In order to keep you comfortable during the procedure, anesthesia is provided 지오디.


There are multiple locations for the incision. The incision can placed in the nipple (periareolar), under the breast (inframammary), or armpit (transaxillary), as shown in the graphic below:

breast augmentation surgery incisions kansas city ks

img source: plasticsurgery.org

While there are multiple incision options, the inframammary (under the breast) incision is the most common 자동차 경주 게임.

Placement of Implants

The implants are then placed in the body through the incisions. Implants are placed either over the muscle or under the pectoral muscle ansys workbench 다운로드. Whether the implant is placed over the muscle or under the muscle is a decision based on the size of your implants, breast tissue available, and goals for breast augmentation surgery Squeaky.

breast implant placement kansas city ks

img src: plasticsurgery.org

Closing the Incision

Dr 울타리 3.5. Rast will close the incisions using sutures and surgical tape. The scars from the incisions will fade over time.

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