What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a fat removal plastic surgery procedure. Liposuction is best used to target stubborn fat deposits all over the body including love handles, face and neck, legs, buttocks, arms, and more. The procedure slims body contours and improves proportions.

How Liposuction Is Performed

Fat is sucked out of the body through small incisions using a suction tube. Before suction, Dr. Rast inserts a cannula into the fat and using a back-and-forth motion loosens and dislodges the fat. Watch the following video for a brief overview of how the surgery is performed from plasticsurgery.org.

Are You A Good Candidate?

Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity, cellulite, or loose skin, and that is very important to keep in mind if you’re considering this surgery. The following types of patients are considered “good candidates”:

  • Nonsmokers
  • Close To Goal Weight
  • Relatively Healthy Overall
  • Skin Has Some Elasticity
  • Good Muscle Tone

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Liposuction can also be used in combination with other common procedures, like breast augmentation, facelifts, and more. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to learn more about liposuction and what it can do for you – schedule an appointment in our Kansas City plastic surgeon, Dr. Jon Rast. Call (913)451-3722 or contact us online.

Neograft: Hair Transplants

For men and women suffering from hair loss, the Neograft procedure is a cutting edge cosmetic option. Neograft is a hair transplant procedure that can restore thinning hair, female and male pattern baldness, thin eyebrows, thin side burns, and other types of hair loss. Neograft is more popular and preferable to traditional hair transplant procedure because it is a less invasive technique.

neograft kansas city plastic surgery

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How Does Neografting Work?

Dr. Rast will evaluate your hair loss, donor hair regions (typically the back of the head), and discuss the results associated with this procedure. Hair from the back of the head is genetically programmed to resist testosterone. When you begin surgery, Dr. Rast will follow the following steps:

Donor Hair Removal
The procedure starts with hair being taken from the donor area.

Remove Hair Follicles/Grafts
Each graft is extracted with the same consistency in diameter and length resulting in a dramatically increased take rate.

Create Recipient Sites
Dr. Rast will create recipient sites in your scalp in the hair orientation and direction according to your customized cosmetic plan.

Place the Hair Grafts
The grafts removed in step two will be transplanted into the balding and thinning areas of the scalp.

The NeoGraft’s special technology is able to quickly remove the donor hair follicles place them to balding areas. NeoGraft uses controlled pneumatic pressure to gently and smoothly remove the graft, without pulling, twisting, or otherwise damaging the graft. The grafts can be re-implanted sooner than traditional methods, increasing the “take rate” of the grafting process.

neograft hair transplants kansas city

Image Src: neograft.com/results/

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Breast Enhancement Surgery in Kansas City

Dr. Rast understands that a woman’s confidence in her breasts and appearance can dramatically affect her quality of life. Breast enhancement surgery can alter appearance and meet the body image goals of our patients.

Our Kansas City plastic surgery office handles many breast surgeries including:  implants, lifts, reductions, reconstructions, revisions, as well as breast reductions for men. Learn more about your options below.

breast enhancement kansas city

Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation images kansas cityBreast augmentation uses silicone or saline implants to increase the cup size of a woman’s breasts.

Breast Lift

Lifts improve the shape of the breast by surgically lifting them.

Breast Reduction

For heavy or sagging breasts, a reduction can reduce breast tissue in order to alleviate back and neck pain.

breast reduction images kansas city

Breast Reconstruction

For women who have suffered from breast cancer with mastectomy, reconstructions use implants to rebuild the breast(s).

breast reconstruction images kansas city

Male Breast Reduction

Dr. Rast can also reduce excess breast tissue and fat that can sometimes appear in men. This can be caused by a hormonal disorder, called gynecomastia, or weight gain/loss.

Breast Surgery Revisions

For patients who have had plastic surgery of the breasts from other plastic surgeons and are now unhappy with how the implants have settled, Dr. Rast performs surgery revisions. Women who need revisional reconstruction due to capsular contracture or implant pain are also eligible.

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Wear Your Bikini With Pride!

With summer and warm weather just around the corner, are you worried about how you look in your bikini? Getting breast implants is one of the best ways to fill out your bathing suit and feel more confident in your body and overall appearance. Our Kansas City patients love the natural looking results and professional, friendly service they get from Dr. Rast:

“I just wanted to send a quick note! I had breast implants by Dr. Rast, and I have never been happier. I have people always asking me in the summer if my breasts are real or fake, which is exactly what I wanted — a natural-looking implant.” – Excited in Kansas City

Kansas City Plastic Surgery - Breast Implants

Getting Breast Implants

Implants are the most common way that women increase the size of their breasts. Augmentation surgery is performed by inserting breast implants behind the tissue of each breast.

The breast implants are made of medical-grade, biocompatible, textured or smooth silicone shells, which are filled with sterile saline (saltwater) solution or silicone gel. Implants can be sized from one cup size up or larger.

[twentytwenty]breast impants kansas city before 1breast implants kansas city after[/twentytwenty]

Breast augmentation (and any plastic surgery) can seem like a scary, huge undertaking, but Dr. Rast will walk you through the entire procedure and make your we completely understand your expectations and body image goals.

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What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is cosmetic surgery of the ears. Many people are self conscious about the size or shape of their ears and Dr. Rast can help Kansas City patients feel more confident.

otoplasty ear plastic surgery kansas cityOtoplasty is typically used to:

  • Reshape Ears
  • Improve Ear Contours
  • Reposition Ears
  • Improve Proportions Between Ears & Face

Correction of Structural Defects

Otoplasty can also correct defects in ear structure that that may be present at birth that may become more apparent as people age or throughout development.


Dr. Rast’s ear plastic surgery can also treat traumatic injury, which can cause the ears to be misshapen.

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4 Top Questions For People Considering A Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is a common procedure performed by Dr. Rast in our Kansas City plastic surgery clinic. Tummy tucks remove fat, improve body contours, eliminate sagging/loose skin, and re-firm weakened abdominal muscles. If you’re considering a tummy tuck, read through the following frequently asked questions we often hear at initial consultations.

Am I A Good Tummy Tuck Candidate?

We recommend that all tummy tuck patients are nonsmokers and in generally good health. Patients should be moderately fit and have some overall muscle tone. Abdominoplasty is for the removal of loose/sagging skin and improving weakened abdominal muscles along with fat removal. If fat removal is your only goal – we typically recommend liposuction.

Note that if you are considering getting pregnant in the future, your tummy tuck should be postponed until after.

tummy tuck images kansas city plastic surgery

How Long Is Recovery?

Following all of Dr. Rast’s instructions is essential to your recovery.  Avoiding bending, straining, or lifting anything for several days is also extremely important. Normal activity can be resumed within a few days of surgery, although there will be discomfort. Initial wound healing will take up to ten days. If no heavy lifting or vigorous activity is needed, our patients can return to work within a few weeks.

What Can I Expect Long-Term?

Abdominoplasty scars will be permanent and it may take over a year for the incision lines to fade and improve. Fortunately, normal clothing and even swimsuits should effectively conceal your scars.

Will My Tummy Tuck Last Forever?

As long as your fitness and weight is maintained, your improved body contours should continue to last. Loss of firmness is natural with aging but it should be minimal.

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Before and After Your Eyelid Lift

An eyelid lift is a procedure performed to remove excess, baggy skin around the eyes and eyelids. Patients can expect to look more awake, rested with an overall youthful appearance almost immediately. Eyelid lifts are commonly known as eyelifts or blepharoplasty.

Eyelid lifts are performed with an incision in the natural crease of the upper eyelid (seen below), and/or within the lower eyelid. Dr. Rast will remove, tighten, and place skin for the best cosmetic results possible.

  • Remove and Tighten Excess Skin
  • Firm Eyelid Contours
  • Remove Excess Fat
  • Reduce Droopy Eyelids & Increase Symmetry
  • Treat Bags & Puffiness Under Eyes

Eyelid Lift Before & After Images


eyelid lift picture kansas city


eyelid lift before and after side kansas city

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Kansas City Plastic Surgery Patients Choose Dr. Jon Rast

“I just wanted to send a quick note! I had breast implants by Dr. Rast, and I have never been happier. I have people always asking me in the summer if my breasts are real or fake, which is exactly what I wanted — a natural-looking implant. I have referred many people to Dr. Rast and plan to send many more. The staff was extremely nice and made you feel at ease with the whole process. I have had too many compliments to count on the great job he did — a very natural look. Thank you again to Dr. Rast and to everyone in the office who made the process a great experience.”

Excited in Kansas City

Looking For Plastic Surgery in Kansas City?

breast augmentation kansas cityIf you’re considering plastic surgery in the Kansas City area, consider Dr. Rast at Associated Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Rast is one of the top plastic surgeons in our area, located conveniently and privately in Leawood, KS. Patients are extremely happy with their cosmetic results.

Patients are consistently choosing Dr. Rast to perform breast augmentations, facelifts, mommy makeovers, and more! Read more about his procedures at our services page.

Read more about his happy patients at realself.com and our testimonials page.

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Questions To Ask Before Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the surgical placement of breast implants to enhance the size of a women’s breast, increase proportions, and improve body contours. Dr. Rast consults with patients almost daily about their questions and concerns about breast surgery. We’ve aggregated some of our top questions and provided answers so that you can come to your consultation fully prepared.

Breast Augmentation FAQ

breast augmentation kansas cityAm I A Good Candidate For Breast Implants?

Dr. Rast recommends that breast augmentation patients be people in generally good health and non-smokers. You would be an ideal candidate if you have specific, realistic goals for your implants that you can discuss openly with Dr. Rast.


What Is Involved In Recovery?

Dr. Rast will give you detailed instructions personalized to you. Immediately after your procedure, you’ll need a loved one to drive you home and stay with you during the first night. You’ll need to wear a support bra 24-7 for the first two weeks after surgery. The initial healing of the surgical incision wounds may take up to ten days, at which point you can return to work and normal activities. Intimate activity can continue after four to six weeks after surgery.


What Are The Risks Associated With A Breast Augmentation?

Other than any typical risks associated with anesthesia, the major risk with breast implants is the potential scar tissue that can form around them, making the affected breasts feel firmer than usual. Though this condition can be addressed surgically, it is not always permanent. Breast augmentation does require ongoing maintenance, including regular examinations for breast health and to evaluate the condition of your breast implants.


Do Breast Implants Last Forever?

Unfortunately, the results of a breast augmentation are not guaranteed to last a lifetime. With proper care and regular checkups, they should last for many years. Typically, breast implant manufacturers report that implants last around 15 years. Normal life changes such as pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss can also affect the augmented breasts.

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Skin Tightening Procedures

eyelid surgery kansas cityLoose and sagging skin can cause emotional and confidence issues for men and women of any age. While skin tightening procedures are typically reserved for people of a certain age, it is a great option for people who have undergone massive weight loss, have been pregnant, or have had other skin issues. In our Kansas City plastic surgery clinic, Dr. Rast sees many people who would like to improve their looks (and self esteem) by undergoing plastic surgery of the skin. These can be minimally invasive, injectables, or traditional “lifting” procedures that involve going under the knife.

What Are Skin Tightening Procedures?

Skin tightening procedures are plastic surgery techniques that promote collagen regrowth (minimally invasive) or remove sections of sagging or excess skin for a tightened look.

Minimally Invasive

  • Laser Surgery
  • Skin Care Treatments
  • Skin Care Lines
  • Coolsculpting

Injectables/Wrinkle Fillers

  • Injectable Fillers

Traditional Plastic Surgery

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